How do I create websites ?

I'm creating websites that respond to specific criterion:


- Autonomy. I' building websites using Wordpress which simplify the its management once the website created. It allows you to modify it as you want and keep a news feed easily. I will forward you a tutorial for basic modifications and help you to handle the interface.


- Efficiency. The website will be coherent and fluid so the visitor find easily the information in organized and structured pages.


- Elegance. Either simple or more complex, I will make sure the website is harmonious and pleasant to explore through my knowledge of graphic design and experience as photographer.


- SEO. I take care of the basic SEO of the website to optimize its position in search engines.


- Creativity. It is a key point in the creation of a website. I also offer to create some original pages with interactive elements. For example, a page with self acquaintance elements for a therapist working in individual development.

A stone has no hope of being anything but a stone. But by collaborating, it becomes temple.

- Saint-Exupery

That's all?

I also do...

- Advanced SEO for websites

- Graphic creations

- Photo and photo editing


Contact me by email so we can talk about it.